Dali’s Brain by Mark DeMaio


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Dali’s Brain          36 x 36”          Oil On Silver Krylon Canvas

Note from the Artist:

The works of art that I am featuring here are carefully selected pieces from my most recent exhibition, I Walk The Line. This is the most complex, and time intensive series of drawings and paintings I have ever created. I’ve experimented with Oil’s on Silver or Gold Krylon paint as a background. I’ve created works using ink and dyes and glitter on 400 lb. watercolor paper to create thousands of tiny images, which merge together to form a larger, more dynamic composition. Some works can be hung from any side! The works on paper are floating on archival board and framed in hand finished wood painted white by renowned New York City framer John Esty, they are perfection.

The real magic of this collection is that all the works allow the viewer to take a visual journey and continuously discover something new each time you look at the work. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the works as much as I loved making them.

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